Ceramics Research

When you click on any of these links (except Dealers List), you will go to a PDF file. To search within the file, you can click Ctrl-F if you are using windows, or Cmd-F if you are using Mac. On an iPad, you need to click the square box with an arrow going upwards at the top of the screen, and then select the magnifying glass ( Find on Page)  option.

Dealers List: A list of “china-men”, their customers and associates in the 17th, 18th, and 19th century Britain and abroad.

Adam Buck: by Jon Whiteley and Robin Hildyard.

William Littler: The four lives of William Littler (1724-84): A brief reassessment by Robin Hildyard.

Maiolica Tiles: From Seville to Southwark: maiolica tiles and tile pictures in sixteenth-century Europe by Tim Wilson.

Etruscan Vases: by Robin Hildyard.

‘Pratt’ (but which one?): by Robin Hildyard.

Gems of Industrial Art for the Masses: by Robin Hildyard.