2018 Events

Friday 20th April
Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge
Guided tour with visit to the Reserve Collection, followed by a handling session. Members will also be able to see two new exhibitions on Contemporary Studio Pottery and Parian ware

Monday 21st May
Goodwood and Uppark
Morning guided tour of Goodwood House and an afternoon visit to nearby Uppark, for those who wish.

Wednesday Tuesday 5th June
Bristol City Museum and Art Gallery
A full day in Bristol with talk, guided tour and handling session with Karin Walton, recently retired Curator of Ceramics. There will be time to visit the Georgian House and/or Red Lodge Museums nearby.

Saturday 6th October
Study day ‘The Dessert Table’
The first speaker will be Ivan Day, an expert on historic food and dining.
Rosalind Savill and Paul Crane will show us how items evolved for use at the dessert table on the Continent and in Britain, respectively.

Saturday 1st December
Study day ‘Cobalt’
We will look at how cobalt was discovered and came to be used as blue decoration on porcelain in China and subsequently in Europe.
Shelagh Vainker, Senior Curator of Chinese Art at the Ashmolean will enlighten us about Chinese Porcelain. Aileen Dawson, retired Curator at the British Museum and Felicity Marno will carry the story forward to Europe, looking at the use of blue both as a colour ground and a decorative technique.

More information and a booking form will arrive with the newsletter or a few weeks before each event.